QQ801 Leading Live Casino Online Mobile Game Website in Malaysia

QQ801 Leading Live Casino Online Mobile Game Website in Malaysia

Gambling in Malaysia is illegal due to the Islamic Law indicating that all gambling activities as a crime. This is the reason why majority of Malaysian players many turn to online casino for real casino game action. Authorities won’t stop anyone from joining online casino, as they won’t protect you either. A good option for them is Malaysia casino that operates outside the boundaries like QQ801 leading live casino online mobile game website in Malaysia.

QQ801 Leading Live Casino Online Mobile Game Website in Malaysia

QQ801 Leading Live Casino Online Mobile Game Website in Malaysia
QQ801 Leading Live Casino Online Mobile Game Website in Malaysia

Accredited Online Casino in Malaysia

Now, you may be wondering if it’s safe to play at this Malaysia casino. The obvious answer is yes! QQ801 has their base of operation in the Philippines where gambling is regulated by PAGCOR. A valid gaming license from them is a guarantee that the casino online runs with high industry standards. This will provide you with safe and fair live casino experience.

Fast and Easy to Use Mobile Apps

The best online casino mobile game website QQ801 offers a full range of their casino game available for mobile gaming. They support both leading software powered smartphones and tablets. Android, iOS and Windows devices users will enjoy Asian themed casino game. Giving off the feeling of actually playing in a land based casino. Mobile applications can be downloaded directly or transferred from your personal computer. Installs under a few minutes and can be played instantly.

Instant Play Live Dealer Casino Games

Besides the free mobile Malaysia casino app, you can opt to play to instantly play using mobile web browser. This is only applicable to Android and iOS powered devices. Normally, the Malaysia casino will require you to have the latest flash player update. This is to avoid unnecessary things like blank screen and others that affect screens.

Malaysia Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Usually, new players are greeted with huge welcome bonuses and free bets. In addition, new customers have the option to select their type of welcome bonus. For example, if the player mostly play slot machines, they can go with welcome bonus 100% slot games. Another one is the extra special bonus that also comes in two types: casino and slot machines. For regular members of the Malaysia casino that have been playing for quite a while, there’s a special offer for you. Free VIP level upgrade awaits every loyal member which can take them up to Diamond level member.

Online Casino Banking Methods

All Malaysian gamblers can manage their casino online accounts using their national currency. The online casino supports a range of safe banking options for Malaysian gamblers. So, instead of converting your cash into other currencies which comes with additional cost, you can use the money for investing on your casino game. In case of withdrawals, the same banking options are offered. Cash-outs are done within the same day you have applied. Usually it only takes less than 10 minutes.

Why Consider Joining this Malaysia Casino?

As mentioned before, most online casino in Malaysia is unregulated, meaning you are risking your safety and experience. The QQ801 Leading Live Casino Online Mobile Game Website in Malaysia is a good option since they are regulated, offers safe and fair casino game and huge promotions for all.

Malaysia Betting Site World Cup 2018 Lucky Draw

Malaysia Betting Site World Cup 2018 Lucky Draw

World Cup 2018 is right around the corner. This means many online betting site in Malaysia will have huge offers. For instance the Malaysia betting site world cup 2018 lucky draw. However, not all website have this kind of promotion, only site like QQ808 got this at their rewards program. If you’re interested in joining such promo, then continue reading for more details.

Malaysia Betting Site World Cup 2018 Lucky Draw

Malaysia Betting Site World Cup 2018 Lucky Draw
Malaysia Betting Site World Cup 2018 Lucky Draw

How to Join World Cup 2018 Promotion

This kind of promotion at QQ808 is available for both new and existing members. You can easily find it on the promotion section where all their offers are listed. From online casino games, slot machines, e-games and of course sports betting. Navigate the promo for world cup 2018 and click the join now button.

To qualify for the reward, you must follow the general terms and conditions. You can predict one or more of outright betting predictions such as top goal scorer, team to reach the quarter finals, team to win all group games and more. Remember that if you violated one of the terms assigned your promotion can be cancelled.

Rewards Given Away

Reward Point Lucky Draw for World Cup 2018

The rewards given away to punters are outstanding. Each day, over MYR 10,000 total prize pool is rewarded to 3 top prize and 400 consolation prize winners. Top winners will get as follows: 1st MYR 2,800, 2nd MYR 1,700, and 3rd MYR 1,100. The remaining from the pot money will be divided to consolation winners. In addition, the best part about this is that you can win again and again. There is no restriction on how many time you can win.

Announcement of winners can be found at the rewards section of QQ808. Or you can visit your account, then reports, select type, then world cup 2018 lucky draw. You’ll find previous and latest winners and the amount they won. Every winning participant will receive their rewards automatically on their accounts.

Other Huge Promotion Offers

As mentioned above there are many promos at QQ808. One of their best is the free vip level upgrade. As the name suggests, this is your best chance to become and experience Diamond level perks without spending much cash. To qualify, you only need to wager real money on any product at least once a month. Furthermore, if you’re a new customer, you can get free bet reward, however, this reward doesn’t apply to world cup 2018.

Remember to follow the general terms and conditions, the site have the authority to cancel all your promotions anytime without prior notice, no one wants that right? With this in mind, you will have a good world cup 2018 betting experience.


Malaysia betting site world cup 2018 lucky draw is a limited special promotion that you shouldn’t miss. If you’re looking to have the best odds, rewards, and experience, do not take chances on other betting sites. QQ808 is a licensed and accredited Malaysia sports betting website where all you have to do is focus on making smart wagering decisions and gaining profits.

QQ882 Best Online E-games Casino Slot Betting Site in Malaysia

QQ882 Best Online E-games Casino Slot Betting Site in Malaysia

E-games will be just an ordinary game if the website does not give bettor more reason to play them. It will not happen in QQ882 best online e-games casino slot betting site in Malaysia. You will get so many reasons to play the e-games frequently. Not only from the lots of casino e-games that you can choose but also the features and the service that you can enjoy. Here is the detail information about this famous website.

QQ882 Best Online E-games Casino Slot Betting Site in Malaysia

QQ882 Best Online E-games Casino Slot Betting Site in Malaysia
QQ882 Best Online E-games Casino Slot Betting Site in Malaysia
  • Lots of E-games Slot Games for You

The website will not just give you ordinary casino slot games to play. As the best site and labelled as the best slot games online Malaysia website, QQ882 has links to the best providers such as Spadegaming, Microgaming, Top Trend Gaming, Betsoft, and Playtech.  Those providers are really famous for their best slot games.

Spadegaming is a provider which has many e-games slots with Chinese and oriental themes. From the folklore, landscape, and also Chinese culture such as Golden Lotus SE, Ho Yeah Monkey, Sea Emperor, and Baby Cai Shen along with other games with other theme such as Highway Fortune and Golf Champion.

Not only that, Spadegaming gives you various online slot with different ways of playing that you can choose. From the single line Ho Yeah Monkey, nine lines Pirate King up to 1024 paylines such as in Cai Shen 888 and Space Monkey. It is just like playing the e-games slot machine in the land-based casino, there are so many choices.

Microgaming will serve you with extraordinary visuals that will make you enjoy the online slot more. You can try Avalon and the sequel Avalon II, Vampire-Las Vegas, Basketball Star, Dragon Dance, and many more. Some of the casino slot games have the simple rules, yet the other require more attention. However, every game has different theme and atmosphere which will bring you to different experience in playing online slot Malaysia.

Top Trend Gaming, the most sophisticated developer, will give you the most up to date game. The slots from this provider are well known by their slot games bonus round. There are so many bonus rounds that will multiply your winning. You can try Dragon Palace, Silver Lion, Vampire vs Werewolf, and many more. You will see the display example of the e-games slot online in the very first page of this developer in QQ882.

Betsoft and Playtech will also give you their best casino slot. They are included in the top provider of casino slot Malaysia. You will never feel just an ordinary experience while playing e-games slot by these providers. You can try Mega Clam Life JP and Safari Sam by Betsoft. Many bettors also recommend Fortune Day and Esmeralda casino slot online from Playtech.

  • Register Yourself and Get the Welcome Bonus

The benefit of being a member in this website is not only that you can play all online slot free, but also get the welcome bonus from QQ882. You can choose between Welcome Bonus 100% or Welcome Cashback 100%. Both bonuses are very beneficial.

The Welcome Cashback will give you casino slot free credit maximum MYR 30 when you reach the 2x turnover target. In total you can get MYR 60. The Welcome Bonus will give you maximum bonus up to MYR 350 when you reach the turnover target of 25x. After the target is reached the bonus will be counted with your deposit money. You can also use the gift as slot games free deposit.

QQ882 also will double your deposit money, using the Freebet MYR 10. The website will give you a code that you can use only once. You should reach the turnover target of 30x to get MYR 300 in total. If you already reach the target, you can withdraw your money.

  • Keep Mobile Keep Playing

You can open this online slot Malaysia site in your mobile devices because this site has mobile version site. Not only that you can also download the slot games android apps from the Play Store. Playing slot betting games is never this easy.

Best online e-games betting website is a suitable name for QQ882 best online e-games casino slot betting site in Malaysia. What are you waiting for? Just register yourself right away and you will not regret your choice. This website will not let you down and you will get a bunch of fortune.

QQ808 Top Casino Online Betting Games Casino Mobile in Malaysia

QQ808 Top Casino Online Betting Games Casino Mobile in Malaysia

Online casino is a viable option to gain additional cash. It occurs because online casinos offer great bonuses, promotions and features which will increase the bankroll. It is public secret that it is a difficult time to find a good online casino since there are hundreds or even thousands online casino on Internet right now. Thus, QQ808 top casino online betting games casino mobile in Malaysia is a good option to play for real.

QQ808 Top Casino Online Betting Games Casino Mobile in Malaysia

QQ808 Top Casino Online Betting Games Casino Mobile in Malaysia
QQ808 Top Casino Online Betting Games Casino Mobile in Malaysia

Legal Online Casino

Playing in live casino is a crucial step. The reason why bettors play in illegal online casino is that they do not check whether their favorite online casino have legal certificate or not. Novice bettors ignore this aspect because they assume all online casinos offer similar quality. Beside legal certificate, bonus, promotion, customer service, and game are the main attributes to determine whether it is good online casino or not.

Interestingly, qq808.com display their legal license in the site and show it visible for the bettors. It shows that qq808.com is a great online casino and trusted casino. Sometimes there is a casino which does not display the legal certificate visibly. If you invest time to search the legal certificate and you cannot find it, we suggest you to play in other online casinos.

Great Online Game Casino

Game is a main attribute in online casino. Even though it is legal online casino, the casino will not gain good populairty if they do not offer great online casino games. The reason is simple. Bettors want to play with interesting game. Game feature is the main aspect.

The casino online offer stunning game features to attract bettors spending time and money on their site. 3D graphic video is a great invention in online casino. This features are commonly offered in slot game since they offer great main theme. This feature will please your eyes.

Uniquely, qq808.com offer vary online casino game. 3D slot game is a common feature. Thanks to qq808.com because this site offers live casino game feature. This feature attract bettors to invest much time and money on qq808.com. Playtech Casino, Royal Casino, All Bet Casino are example of casino game developer.

Interesting Live Casino Feature

Feature is the main reason why bettors attract to play online casino than land based casino. Online casinos have invent many interesting features. Bettors are looking for the something new and different. Bettors are looking for online casinos that offer different experience and interactive experience in playing online casino.

Fortunately, online casino invent live casino with dealer live games. This incredible features provide incredible features from RNG machine games that have applied for many years in online casino.

When you play live roulette as an example, you will see that the dealer spins the wheel. Another example is live blackjack game. All bettors are dealt with real cards and you can watch that the dealer shuffle the cards on the table. Everything is real in these feature.

Interesting live feature help bettors to feel different sensation in game casino. Moreover, bettors can enjoy the atmospher of land based casino without hearing disturbing sound or strangers. Sooner or later, online casino will take a  role of land based casino.

QQ808.com Offers Great Mobile Casino Feature

Since Internet present in gambling world, bettors are easy to play casino game. In a past few decade, you need computer or laptop to play casino games but now you can enjoy it from your hand. It occurs because online casinos have developed and invented software which allow bettors to enjoy casino game from mobile devices.

QQ808.com is a top and legal  Malaysia online casino which offer great mobile casino feature. You can download it via Android or iOS. Just search the downoad button on the left side of the site. It is free from any charge.

Beside downloading the mobile casino, you have another option, precisely playing from the site. This option is offered for those who do not have more space room on their memory. Moreover, playing with this option does not need much internet data since qq808.com require a low internet data but offer a great mobile casino feature.

QQ808 top casino online betting games casino mobile in Malaysia is a good option experiencing different feeling of online gambling. So, do not waste your time to play in Top Malaysia online casino.

QQ288ok.com Real Money Live Casino and Online Casino Mobile Games in Malaysia

QQ288 Real Money Live Casino and Online Casino Mobile Games in Malaysia

Introduction about the website: If you interested to learn more while you earn some cash and at the same time you are enjoying playing, this QQ288 Real Money Live Casino and Online Casino Mobile Games in Malaysia should do it for you. Especially this days, the online betting games arise on the internet. Because of that this betting website will give you a chance to try something new and something better when it comes to online gambling betting games and live casino. This website is partnered with the best live casino and online betting games provider.

QQ288 Real Money Live Casino and Online Casino Mobile Games in Malaysia

QQ288 Real Money Live Casino and Online Casino Mobile Games in Malaysia
QQ288 Real Money Live Casino and Online Casino Mobile Games in Malaysia

When you enter this live casino and betting games website the only device that you need is anything that has connection to the internet like mobile phone, it’s easy to use for watching casino games and online betting games or any gadgets that can connect to the internet, and you are ready to play your favorite or any online casino games you like. This live casino and betting games website can give you more awesome and enjoyable experience about live casino and online betting games.


This website is one of the best casino online betting games featured offered by the qq288. With this features you have a greater chance to play and win in this live casino and online betting game and at the same time you can enjoy playing this game. And also with the help of this feature you can easily have an idea on how to win and having more cash on this live casino games. Also in this kind of casino game the more you have a chance to play this, the more chances of winning.

Supported Games:

This are the other awesome live casino and online betting games which you can also enjoy featured from the QQ288ok. Here are the other awesome and favorite live casino and online betting games that you must enjoy such as Party Baccarat and Party Roulette. This website is going to give you an exciting, enjoyable and awesome experience and top quality of live casino. Give thanks to I-Casino for giving the players a top quality website.


When you play this online casino, you can get a chance to have a Reload Bonus. All you have to do is to apply for a VIP members in QQ188 with currency MYR for you to be able to have a reload bonus. The bonus that you’ve get is directly credited when transfer to product has been set for promotion and choose the promo. You can also apply to all products except: ALLBET, AG, PT, POKER, ISIN4D, OTHERS SPORTS And NON SLOT GAMES. Bonus and The winning is cancel if there is any mistake of member’s data and same IP.


If you are looking or interested for some live casino and online betting games this real money casino that fits for you which can offer a lot of live casino and online betting games, awesome bonuses and rewards, it also gives the players to reach their expectations from the website this features is here QQ288 Real Money Live Casino and Online Casino Mobile Games in Malaysia the right and awesome live casino and betting games for you.

Tips That Can Help You Win in Online DOTA Betting

Tips That Can Help You Win in Online DOTA Betting

DOTA 2 game is no longer a novelty in the world of E-Sport. This game is very popular among gamers. Even for international competition, participants will win prizes up to millions of dollars. In addition to its exciting games, DOTA 2 bets also offer great benefits for bettors. Therefore, here are the following tips that can help you win in online DOTA betting in QQ188.

Tips That Can Help You Win in Online DOTA Betting

Tips That Can Help You Win in Online DOTA Betting
Tips That Can Help You Win in Online DOTA Betting

Understand How to Play DOTA 2

The first tip to be applied by bettors is to understand how to play DOTA 2 and the rules that are applied in it. Furthermore, bettors must know the characters that are contained in DOTA 2 with their own skills so you can analyze how the game will run after the DOTA players select the character to be played.

Observe the Previous Games

In order not to make the same mistake, it would be nice if you can understand the strength of each team that play the game. Following the entire match process and seeing the winning team as a winner is a wise decision. Therefore, when you faced with some obstacles, it will be easy for you to make choices because you already know the potential of each team.

Set the Bet on Team that Often Win the Games

DOTA 2 game is in great demand by gamers from all over the world. Not surprisingly, teams that compete in international competitions also come from all over the world, for example Evil Geniuses, Invictus Gaming, Newbee, OG, Virtus Pro, and many more.

To keep your odds of winning bigger, get to know more about the ability of the teams that will compete. In addition, analyze the graphics of their games and trends before you bet on those teams. Select the team that has many winning records or good records against the opposing team to earn big profits in QQ188.

Use the Right Strategy in DOTA 2 Betting

There are several specific strategies that can be used in online DOTA 2 betting. These strategies include:

  • Safe Bet

Safe bet is a strategy that bettors can bet on two betting websites but in different teams. Therefore, you can take advantage of percentage differences.

  • Tie Bet

Tie Bet is a strategy that bettors can bet in BO 2 match. So, even though your team lost in the first game but win in the second battle, your Rare/Key we will be safe.

  • Force Bet

Force Bet is a strategy that bettors have an odd to change your little rare to be abundant. You can make it by playing ‘All in’ at the BO 1 match in a team that has small percentage to win.

  • Desperate Bet

In Desperate Bet, bettors bet with the state of the rare are almost finished or nearly to bankruptcy.

  • Lucky Bet

Lucky Bet is not really a strategy. This option is used when bettors do not know at all with the quality of the games the two teams are playing. Bettors will select teams that will be randomly bet or teams with a smaller percentage.

Here are some tips that can help you win in online DOTA betting. All of the ways you can apply when will place a bet on the game DOTA 2 online in QQ188, the most safe and reliable online betting agency in Asia. Big profits will be waiting for the champion.

How to Win in Roulette Online Casino Website Game?

How to Win in Roulette Online Casino Website Game?

Roulette has many strategies that can be applied and it is said that winning roulette every time using those strategies is impossible. It is also applicable in playing Roulette in online casino. If winning Roulette every time is impossible both in real casino and online casino, then how to win in Roulette online casino website game?

How to Win in Roulette Online Casino Website Game?

How to Win in Roulette Online Casino Website Game?
How to Win in Roulette Online Casino Website Game?
  1. Roulette System

Before you decide to play online Roulette, you need to understand the Roulette system that will help you to win. There are several Roulette system; like Martingale, Reverse Martingale, Fibonacci, Reverse Fibonacci, D’Alembert, Reverse D’alembert, Labouchere, Reverse Labouchere, Paroli, Oscar Grind, Flat Betting, and Cover the table. However, not all roulette system will bring you to your winning. For example, Martingale has the low chance of winning, but Reverse Martingale has he high chance winning. Therefore, you need to carefully select the Roulette system that has high chance of winning.

  1. Betting options

Since using strategies in playing online Roulette does not guarantee your winning, you need to know and understand the betting options in the online Roulette itself. The most important thing in playing Roulette in online casino is that you need to know the betting options. There are three best betting options that you can choose, like outside bets, inside bets, and call bets.

After knowing the betting options, you need to try those betting options and select the best betting option that is suitable for you. After you have selected which betting option that is the best for you, you need get to know the rhythm of the game so that you will be able to apply the betting options and strategies on the game automatically.

  1. Understand the odds

In playing online Roulette, you need to bet on the number and you may get a huge payout by using small amount of money. The bet can be placed based on your selected number like the number in a row or a number in a column. To win online Roulette, you need to avoid betting with a large amount of money on a specific number. You may bet on multiple numbers, but it will not guarantee your winning. The solution is to know the roulette betting system so that you can make a decision before placing the bet.

  1. Knowing the limit

The most important key in winning the online Roulette is to know your own limit. You cannot force yourself to play the game if you know that you have a small chance of winning. Therefore, you need to set the budget so that you will not exceed the limit and stop if the limit has been reached. To win the online Roulette, you need to bear in mind that you need to play with small amount of money to win a large amount of money.

Then, how to win in Roulette online casino website game? The answer lies on you. It means that you need to get to use to play Roulette so that you will get the rhythm and be able to apply the strategy that will bring you to your victory.

Legal and Trusted Online Casino Website

Legal and Trusted Online Casino Website

Online casino gains its popularity ever since the internet provided land based casino game via online. Bonuses, promotions and features are the reasons why bettors play in online casino than land based casino. However, the bettors do not pay attention whether they play in legal or illegal online casino. So it is good to play in legal and trusted online casino website.

Legal and Trusted Online Casino Website

Legal and Trusted Online Casino Website
Legal and Trusted Online Casino Website


It is essential to play in legal and trusted online casino website. You can check the regulation situation in the country where the online casino is based. We do not suggest you to play in a country where the transparency is not practiced. So, we suggest to get the notion about the gambling regulation in one country.


License is the indication whether or not the online casino is legal. License is given by the government or legal accredited gambling authority. Frankly, the license is easily found on the page. So, do not be a lazy bettor. Search and findthe license before you invest your money in the casino.

The function of licensing is to regulate the gambling activities and market. Some countries apply the strict laws for online gambling activities. It will avoid the monopolistic activity in online gambling. Moreover, it will guarantee you for claiming against the law if online casino does illegal activity.

Different Legislation System in Every Countries

There are thousands online casinos in the world that are available on more or less 196 countries in the world. It means that online casino website has grown rapidly. Of course, some of them are illegal and the rest are not. But each country has different system to license the online casino.

In United Kingdom, online casino is fully ruled and licenses the online casino. In other word, the license is done by the institution which is as same as Ministry. Meanwhile in Canada, the license activity is done by individual provinces. Each province have freedom to regulate using their own regulation.

The Benefits Playing in Legal Casino

Apart of the opportunity to claim against law, there are many benefits to play in legal casinos. Mostly, legal online casino has a good and strength security system to protect your private banking information. It will protect your information from any misused activities. Naturally, legal online casino does not give their bettors information to the third party. It means that the information is not available for anybody except the casino itself.

Furthermore, legal online casino will do their best to provide a transparency policy about the bonus, promotion, game, withdrawals, and deposit. This information is easily found in Privacy Policy menu or Terms and Conditions menu.

onlinecasinoqq188.com is one of the legal online casino website. This site has licensed by PACGOR (Philippine accredited gambling institution). Of course this site offers a great security system to protect you transaction, deposit and banking information. Moreover, this site has ranked as the best online casino website which have good and interesting bonus, promotions and casino games. So do not waste your chance to play in legal and trusted online casino website

QQ188Asia Trusted Online Sports Betting Site with Best Betting Products

QQ188Asia Trusted Online Sports Betting Site with Best Betting Products

Sports’ betting is becoming popular among betting players and more and more website offer you with this sports betting game. If you are looking for the trusted and reliable sports betting site, the answer will be qq188asia.com the biggest online sports betting website with the best online sports products and services. QQ188asia trusted online sports betting site with best betting products because they provide their players with three games providers. These three providers are very famous among sports betting players, namely Saba Sports or I-sports, M88 or O-sports, and 368bet.

QQ188Asia Trusted Online Sports Betting Site with Best Betting Products

QQ188Asia Trusted Online Sports Betting Site with Best Betting Products
QQ188Asia Trusted Online Sports Betting Site with Best Betting Products

The Saba Sports

The first game provider is Saba Sports or I-sports. This Saba Sports is very famous to be the sports betting providers for various sports betting games including the online soccer betting games. This Saba Sports offer you with numerous soccer betting matches that are available and you can choose your own betting strategies or betting types in playing with this Saba Sports. If you are playing with this bookmaker, you just need to choose the game you want and it will let you know what you will need in joining the bet.


The second bookmaker is M88 or O-sport that is more or less the same with Saba Sports and 368bet. But, the special thing they offer is that you can enjoy full view feature or side view feature that is the same with video streaming feature in the online soccer betting matches. This is a trend today and you definitely don’t want to miss the chance to enjoy gaming and gambling this way.


The last online sports betting provider is 368bet that offers you with the best soccer betting games. Using only 1 Ringgit, you can start joining this betting game as the minimum bet. This kind of minimum bet is very rare especially in the sports online betting industry. Similar with M88, it also offers you with online sports live streaming feature in the online soccer matches. Other than that, you will be offered with numerous betting options, live score or live center, and also accurate betting odds table.

Qq188asia.com also offers you with numerous kinds of promotions even if you have just joined this site. You will be granted with 20% welcome bonus up to a total of MYR 300 as a new member. If you have joined this site and you have devoted to be loyal members for a certain period of time, you will be granted as the VIP level members. If you maintain this VIP level, your level will be upgraded continuously and you will have the chance to be the diamond member. For those who use MYR currency for betting, you will be granted with 200% extra bonus for up to 350 MYR.

Since there are numerous advantages that you can gain from qq188asia.com, you need to hurry joining qq188asia trusted online sports betting site with best betting products to start enjoying their products and promotions. Moreover, you do not need to make the deposit to register, and you will be granted with free bets instead.

Top Five Baccarat Techniques

Baccarat is an easy yet tricky game just like online casino roulette. It is simple but also complicated at the same time. You should make decision as fast and as many as possible in order to get a big hit. Well, there is no technique like card counting or mathematics formula in playing baccarat. However, you can use top five baccarat techniques below to increase your chance in winning.

Top Five Baccarat Techniques

Top Five Baccarat Techniques
Top Five Baccarat Techniques
  • Stay with Banker

First of all, the easy way to win in baccarat, is staying with banker. Banker will win many times, more than player, especially if the banker is the casino represented by the dealer. The casino wants to make sure that it will get the biggest benefit in this game. That’s why you should pay 5% commission for every bet on banker that win.

It will be a perfect reason to leave banker side, but let’s consider the several winnings in a row will be a worth enough to try. The commission and house edge will be just a little thing compared to the big hit that you will get. Less risk and more winning, what are you waiting for?

  • Move to Player

Play with banker until it loses. When it loses, it is the time for you to move to player side. However, do not directly bet on player after the bank loses. Just wait for one turn to ensure yourself. If the result is player, then you can bet on player for the next game for sure. Bet until the player loses and then directly bet on banker again.

The most considered thing about placing a bet on player is there is no commission should be paid. You just need to give the house edge that is just more or less the same with banker’s house edge. So bet on player and win from it will be so beneficial.

  • No Tie Bet

If you already stick with banker or player, or even both, it will be perfect if you avoid the tie bet. The money seems big, but it will be taken 12% for the house edge, so the payout will be not that big. The risk is also big enough since the probability to have the same value card in banker’s and player’s hands is small. So it will not be a good thing for you.

  • Take Care of Your Bank Roll

What you should pay attention to is your bank roll. You do not want to have bankruptcy, right? So you should be careful with your own bank roll. Betting by placing a lot of money will make you get a big comeback. However, if you lose, you will loss them all and it will be difficult to gain it. Be wise with your money and remember that a little amount of money will be big.

  • Stay Calm

The other technique that you should acquire is staying calm. By staying calm, you can think clearly about next bet and amount of money that you want to use. If you are in hurry or a way too excited, it is better to step aside and make yourself calm first, then you can go back to place a better bet.

Those top five baccarat techniques are really important and useful for you, especially the beginners. You can get a big amount of money if you play using those techniques. Good luck!