Malaysia Online Sports Betting and Best Odds Sportsbook QQ828

Malaysia Online Sports Betting and Best Odds Sportsbook QQ828

Malaysians are considered among the biggest gamblers of Soccer despite being illegal. This is the reason why there are thousands of online betting Malaysia that caters to them. However, one thing is for sure and that is not all of them can be trusted so easily especially if they have physical presence within the country. If you’re a passionate gambler seeking safe and fair sportsbook Malaysia experience, then you should try Malaysia online sports betting and best odds sportsbook QQ828.

Malaysia Online Sports Betting and Best Odds Sportsbook QQ828

Authorities are serious about cracking down illegal operators. Every month you can see in the news about arrests involving bettors on an internet café and illegal gaming establishments that uses real money transactions. The punishment for getting caught is either a huge fine of MYR 6,000 and or imprisonment not more than 2 years, which is unlikely to happen when you use offshore sportsbook Malaysia like QQ828.

Malaysia Online Sports Betting and Best Odds Sportsbook QQ828
Malaysia Online Sports Betting and Best Odds Sportsbook QQ828

Online Gambling Malaysia in MYR

Not only that QQ828 offers you a safe and fair gaming experience but also be able to deposit funds using your national currency (MYR). This’ll help you save a lot of time and money which you can use to further boost your bankroll and chances to win big.

QQ828 is partnered with more than 10 banks that can handle transactions locally and online. These banks has been with them for more than 5 years now, this is a good proof that you are dealing with the best online gambling Malaysia website.

Array of Sporting Events

As an online betting Malaysia website, you will notice that they have the widest array of sporting events from minor to majors they got it all covered. Let’s use soccer as an example. Here, they offer betting for the World Cup every 4 years and other very popular leagues in Malaysia such as Liga Perdana, Super League and FA Cup.

In addition to that, there are also dozens of European division leagues like the Bundesliga, La Liga, Premier League, Champions League, MLS, Liga 1, Serie A and many more. All of these are offered by their sportsbook partners 368bet, Saba sports and opus sports which makes it possible for Malaysians to join betting on those events.

Finally, there is an entertainment section where all the non-sporting events are found. These are available to all three sportsbook Malaysia partners. Some of the entertainment you can wager on are singing contests, film awards, elections and even the gender of the first borne children of prince harry and Meghan.

Mobile Compatible Site

You can access the site easily using mobile devices. You can choose how you want to bet on sports, through the free mobile apps or instant-play platform. Both offer the same seamless performance of a desktop device but is much flexible since you can take it anywhere you want. However, this does not mean that you should bet on sports in public using mobile or through the public WIFI. Remember, gambling is illegal in Malaysia event if you play at Malaysia online sports betting and best odds sportsbook QQ828.

Sportsqq828 Trusted Online Sportsbook & Malaysia Live Betting Site

Sportsqq828 Trusted Online Sportsbook & Malaysia Live Betting Site

Betting online on sports has been widely popular nowadays. Most country have fully legalize live betting since it provides at lot of income for the country. In Malaysia, it is punishable by law. The penalty is either a huge fine or imprisonment for at least six months. This is the reason Sportsqq828 Trusted Online Sportsbook & Malaysia Live Betting Site have been a popular choice.

Sportsqq828 Trusted Online Sportsbook & Malaysia Live Betting Site

Sportsqq828 Trusted Online Sportsbook & Malaysia Live Betting Site
Sportsqq828 Trusted Online Sportsbook & Malaysia Live Betting Site

Legal Gambling and Betting Site

You see, most of the Malaysia sportsbook that operates within the boundaries are illegal. It’s still a long way for the country to legalize gambling. With this in mind, joining an offshore bookie is your best bet. Authorities won’t prevent you from joining them, but you have to know they won’t protect your either as they are based in foreign countries.

Malaysia bet is fully licensed and operates in the Philippines where most betting site Malaysia is based. Here, PAGCOR is the one responsible in making sure every casino runs in accordance with industry standards. This proves you will be provided with a safe and fair Malaysia sports betting environment.

Sports Betting Markets

As a Malaysian gambler, you will enjoy placing bets on your local leagues including Piala FA Malaysia, Liga Perdana Malaysia and Liga Super Malaysia for real money. There are also international Football Leagues such as World Cup, Bundesliga, Premier League and more. Malaysia sportsbook specialize in Football betting markets but also offer other sports too.

You can find odds for Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Golf, Cricket and the list goes on. Basically, you got a lot of choices of sports event across the globe. All these are provided by two trusted Asian sportsbooks: 368Bet and Opus Sports.

In-Play Betting Market

In-play, in-running or also known as live betting is a betting market exclusively available while the game is taking place. Mostly this is available for sports like soccer, football, cricket, basketball and also horse racing. Through in-play betting online, you have an array of opportunities to maximize profits.

One of the advantage of this market is that you have a first-hand feel of the game or event. In traditional betting, you will need to do prior research before placing bets, however it can sometime lead to skewed predictions and outcome. But with in-play betting market you can see though live streaming, this makes betting decision more accurate.

Betting online using this market is very profitable and fun, especially if you are good at making fast calculative decisions. For more information, visit sportsbook Malaysia.

Malaysia Sportsbook Mobile

Sportsqq828 offers all their features available for real money wagers directly on mobile web browsers. The seamless designs make it look like a downsized desktop version. You can easily browse for sports markets and value bets. So, whether you are taking a ride on the bus, waiting in a line, or at the office, you’ll never miss any sporting events.


Sportsqq828 Trusted Online Sportsbook & Malaysia Live Betting Site is the only way for you to bet on football and other sports in Malaysia. Never forget to practice responsible gambling.

Malaysia Betting Site World Cup 2018 Lucky Draw

Malaysia Betting Site World Cup 2018 Lucky Draw

World Cup 2018 is right around the corner. This means many online betting site in Malaysia will have huge offers. For instance the Malaysia betting site world cup 2018 lucky draw. However, not all website have this kind of promotion, only site like QQ808 got this at their rewards program. If you’re interested in joining such promo, then continue reading for more details.

Malaysia Betting Site World Cup 2018 Lucky Draw

Malaysia Betting Site World Cup 2018 Lucky Draw
Malaysia Betting Site World Cup 2018 Lucky Draw

How to Join World Cup 2018 Promotion

This kind of promotion at QQ808 is available for both new and existing members. You can easily find it on the promotion section where all their offers are listed. From online casino games, slot machines, e-games and of course sports betting. Navigate the promo for world cup 2018 and click the join now button.

To qualify for the reward, you must follow the general terms and conditions. You can predict one or more of outright betting predictions such as top goal scorer, team to reach the quarter finals, team to win all group games and more. Remember that if you violated one of the terms assigned your promotion can be cancelled.

Rewards Given Away

Reward Point Lucky Draw for World Cup 2018

The rewards given away to punters are outstanding. Each day, over MYR 10,000 total prize pool is rewarded to 3 top prize and 400 consolation prize winners. Top winners will get as follows: 1st MYR 2,800, 2nd MYR 1,700, and 3rd MYR 1,100. The remaining from the pot money will be divided to consolation winners. In addition, the best part about this is that you can win again and again. There is no restriction on how many time you can win.

Announcement of winners can be found at the rewards section of QQ808. Or you can visit your account, then reports, select type, then world cup 2018 lucky draw. You’ll find previous and latest winners and the amount they won. Every winning participant will receive their rewards automatically on their accounts.

Other Huge Promotion Offers

As mentioned above there are many promos at QQ808. One of their best is the free vip level upgrade. As the name suggests, this is your best chance to become and experience Diamond level perks without spending much cash. To qualify, you only need to wager real money on any product at least once a month. Furthermore, if you’re a new customer, you can get free bet reward, however, this reward doesn’t apply to world cup 2018.

Remember to follow the general terms and conditions, the site have the authority to cancel all your promotions anytime without prior notice, no one wants that right? With this in mind, you will have a good world cup 2018 betting experience.


Malaysia betting site world cup 2018 lucky draw is a limited special promotion that you shouldn’t miss. If you’re looking to have the best odds, rewards, and experience, do not take chances on other betting sites. QQ808 is a licensed and accredited Malaysia sports betting website where all you have to do is focus on making smart wagering decisions and gaining profits.

Tips That Can Help You Win in Online DOTA Betting

Tips That Can Help You Win in Online DOTA Betting

DOTA 2 game is no longer a novelty in the world of E-Sport. This game is very popular among gamers. Even for international competition, participants will win prizes up to millions of dollars. In addition to its exciting games, DOTA 2 bets also offer great benefits for bettors. Therefore, here are the following tips that can help you win in online DOTA betting in QQ188.

Tips That Can Help You Win in Online DOTA Betting

Tips That Can Help You Win in Online DOTA Betting
Tips That Can Help You Win in Online DOTA Betting

Understand How to Play DOTA 2

The first tip to be applied by bettors is to understand how to play DOTA 2 and the rules that are applied in it. Furthermore, bettors must know the characters that are contained in DOTA 2 with their own skills so you can analyze how the game will run after the DOTA players select the character to be played.

Observe the Previous Games

In order not to make the same mistake, it would be nice if you can understand the strength of each team that play the game. Following the entire match process and seeing the winning team as a winner is a wise decision. Therefore, when you faced with some obstacles, it will be easy for you to make choices because you already know the potential of each team.

Set the Bet on Team that Often Win the Games

DOTA 2 game is in great demand by gamers from all over the world. Not surprisingly, teams that compete in international competitions also come from all over the world, for example Evil Geniuses, Invictus Gaming, Newbee, OG, Virtus Pro, and many more.

To keep your odds of winning bigger, get to know more about the ability of the teams that will compete. In addition, analyze the graphics of their games and trends before you bet on those teams. Select the team that has many winning records or good records against the opposing team to earn big profits in QQ188.

Use the Right Strategy in DOTA 2 Betting

There are several specific strategies that can be used in online DOTA 2 betting. These strategies include:

  • Safe Bet

Safe bet is a strategy that bettors can bet on two betting websites but in different teams. Therefore, you can take advantage of percentage differences.

  • Tie Bet

Tie Bet is a strategy that bettors can bet in BO 2 match. So, even though your team lost in the first game but win in the second battle, your Rare/Key we will be safe.

  • Force Bet

Force Bet is a strategy that bettors have an odd to change your little rare to be abundant. You can make it by playing ‘All in’ at the BO 1 match in a team that has small percentage to win.

  • Desperate Bet

In Desperate Bet, bettors bet with the state of the rare are almost finished or nearly to bankruptcy.

  • Lucky Bet

Lucky Bet is not really a strategy. This option is used when bettors do not know at all with the quality of the games the two teams are playing. Bettors will select teams that will be randomly bet or teams with a smaller percentage.

Here are some tips that can help you win in online DOTA betting. All of the ways you can apply when will place a bet on the game DOTA 2 online in QQ188, the most safe and reliable online betting agency in Asia. Big profits will be waiting for the champion.

QQ188Asia Trusted Online Sports Betting Site with Best Betting Products

QQ188Asia Trusted Online Sports Betting Site with Best Betting Products

Sports’ betting is becoming popular among betting players and more and more website offer you with this sports betting game. If you are looking for the trusted and reliable sports betting site, the answer will be the biggest online sports betting website with the best online sports products and services. QQ188asia trusted online sports betting site with best betting products because they provide their players with three games providers. These three providers are very famous among sports betting players, namely Saba Sports or I-sports, M88 or O-sports, and 368bet.

QQ188Asia Trusted Online Sports Betting Site with Best Betting Products

QQ188Asia Trusted Online Sports Betting Site with Best Betting Products
QQ188Asia Trusted Online Sports Betting Site with Best Betting Products

The Saba Sports

The first game provider is Saba Sports or I-sports. This Saba Sports is very famous to be the sports betting providers for various sports betting games including the online soccer betting games. This Saba Sports offer you with numerous soccer betting matches that are available and you can choose your own betting strategies or betting types in playing with this Saba Sports. If you are playing with this bookmaker, you just need to choose the game you want and it will let you know what you will need in joining the bet.


The second bookmaker is M88 or O-sport that is more or less the same with Saba Sports and 368bet. But, the special thing they offer is that you can enjoy full view feature or side view feature that is the same with video streaming feature in the online soccer betting matches. This is a trend today and you definitely don’t want to miss the chance to enjoy gaming and gambling this way.


The last online sports betting provider is 368bet that offers you with the best soccer betting games. Using only 1 Ringgit, you can start joining this betting game as the minimum bet. This kind of minimum bet is very rare especially in the sports online betting industry. Similar with M88, it also offers you with online sports live streaming feature in the online soccer matches. Other than that, you will be offered with numerous betting options, live score or live center, and also accurate betting odds table. also offers you with numerous kinds of promotions even if you have just joined this site. You will be granted with 20% welcome bonus up to a total of MYR 300 as a new member. If you have joined this site and you have devoted to be loyal members for a certain period of time, you will be granted as the VIP level members. If you maintain this VIP level, your level will be upgraded continuously and you will have the chance to be the diamond member. For those who use MYR currency for betting, you will be granted with 200% extra bonus for up to 350 MYR.

Since there are numerous advantages that you can gain from, you need to hurry joining qq188asia trusted online sports betting site with best betting products to start enjoying their products and promotions. Moreover, you do not need to make the deposit to register, and you will be granted with free bets instead. Best Online Soccer Bets and Live Worldcup Betting Site Best Online Soccer Bets and Live Worldcup Betting Site

We all know the fact that Soccer is one of the most popular sports being adored around the world. It never runs out of competitions and there are famous events such as the biggest in Soccer that is the FIFA World Cup 2018. This championship event gives bettors a lot of chances to take home a huge prize money. Although this live betting soccer is a very popular choice for bettors, some countries particularly in Asia have a strict rule against online sports betting.  Thankfully there is a site where Asian players can play legally anytime. This site is Best Online Soccer Bets and Live Worldcup Betting Site the reason this is recommended? Well, here are some: Best Online Soccer Bets and Live Worldcup Betting Site

Legal Online Sports Betting Site

Betting on sports requires monetary transactions just like other gambling games, therefore bettors should only go to a trusted and reliable betting soccer betting online website. Another reason why you should bet only at a legal betting site is the fact that there are also betting sites that are only made to take advantage of soccer fans. These are main reasons you need to join a legal betting site such as Best Online Soccer Bets and Live Worldcup Betting Site. They have a license and accreditation from an official government gaming sect. With this, you can be rest assured that the quality of service you get is the best quality. Best Online Soccer Bets and Live Worldcup Betting Site Best Online Soccer Bets and Live Worldcup Betting Site

Malaysia’s Number 1 Sports Betting Website

Even though the Best Online Soccer Bets and Live Worldcup Betting Site is quite new, many bettor from Malaysia are switching to this sports betting site. It is much accessible compared to other Malaysia live soccer betting sites, and there are a wide choice of sports events that they can bet on. From the most popular that never runs out of events like Soccer, Football, Basketball, and the least favorites like Golf, Badminton and a lot more, there have it here. They also promote responsible gambling practice, only persons with legal age will be able to join and bet on their site.

Live Soccer Results and Free Livestream

This is truly a one stop site for bettors. Those who want to have the latest odds and other information about their teams can be done here. With this website’s trusted online sportsbook partners such as 368Bet, Saba Sports and Opus Sports, you will get the latest information as soon as possible. And what’s more, if the player have restricted or limited access to sports games, they can watch it here for free. The livestream feature by the way is available to mobile devices also. Now you can check the soccer live scores results and watch with the free livestream no matter where you want to.


You never have to look for other betting soccer site once you join Best Online Soccer Bets and Live Worldcup Betting Site. There are lots of big promotions offered throughout the year where everyone can join. There are special promos that can reach up to 30,000 MYR bonus. So what are you waiting for? Register, deposit and claim your big rewards.

F1 Brazil Grand Prix Online Racing Betting Information

F1 Brazil Grand Prix Online Racing Betting Information

Grand Prix is the game of maximum running of 305-kilo meters within the maximum time limit of 2 hours. It is first decided in the race that whoever leads the track at the end of the lap, that player has the advantage of clear track in front of him. The cars used in formula one are really dependant on their aerodynamic wings to produce down force and grip. F1 Brazil Grand Prix online racing betting information for some gamblers and fans of this intense racing sports and willing to bet in our sportsbook sites. Different countries take part in the racing and most favorite for the gamblers is Brazil.

F1 Brazil Grand Prix Online Racing Betting Information

Introduction: There is no denying that Formulation 1 is fast, attractive, loud and exciting and it gets more exciting if you have a guess even! Whether you prefer betting on F1 for a little bit of fun, want to make some serious money by gambling onto it or simply want just a little punt to liven things up, we have the entire lowdown for you. Using one level the activity is one of the easiest around (automobiles drive in circles, the first someone to finish wins) and on another, it is amazingly complex, with indiscernible regulations sometimes, tons of arcane terms no end of acronyms.

F1 betting knowledge:

With any kind of bets knowledge power and research, it can help you win the chances; therefore the more you research and understand, the better it’s likely you’ll do. However, there are wide markets a total novice can guess on with only an extremely basic knowledge of the sports yet still have maximum excitement using their wagers in the best bookies online and keep maintaining a decent potential for making an income.

F1 Brazil Grand Prix online racing betting information to win

F1 Brazil Grand Prix Online Racing Betting Information
F1 Brazil Grand Prix Online Racing Betting Information

Betting on Method One is somewhat of fun for many people, just a way to produce a (usually) inspiring sports even more fascinating. However, desire to with any wager, even one put to enhance your enjoyment of watching the event just, is to earn and so we’ve our top tips how to make yourself some cash wagering on F1.

Betting strategies:

The ultimate way to make money from betting on the whole is to equip yourself with just as much information as it can be, and then to ensure you understand it and put it to use to your advantage. The statistics associated with F1 are in fact surprisingly limited.

It’s quite easy  to determine who won nearly every race in the history of the sports, who finished where etc, that lets you know relatively little about the complexness of the contest actually. For example, you’ll have to delve quite to learn that deeply, for example, a specific driver was on course to win a race until he was taken by a bookmarker out, or a major accident brought the safety car out and cut a huge lead.

So, the first hint is merely to watch the maximum amount of as possible and, at the chance of sounding such as a total geek, keep records on the races to recharge your storage area in the growing season or even in pursuing years later. In the internet there is certainly more info available readily especially in qq188, however the effort, time and connection with collating your own notes and stats.

One Best Formulation One Bookmakers Formula 1 wagering sites attended up with some very ingenious ideas over time to keep things interesting for punters. Beginners are usually stunned to find a large number of market segments on what look like simple sports from the exterior. The greater you read into F1 gambling, the more apparent it becomes that this is as bet-friendly a sports as any other just. F1 grand prix online betting is very simple; there is just a little need for the gamblers to follow the simple strategies and common sense.

Moneyline Versus Point Spread Betting In Any Sports Game

Moneyline Versus Point Spread Betting In Any Sports Game


The point spread is the main unit of measuring among two teams or ‘group’ when it comes to betting. Moneyline versus point spread betting in any sports game the spread is what bookmakers use to characterize how a better one team is recognized to be than another in a force to get equal action on both teams. If the one who gave the handicap or bettor is trying to get the best of the digits, they are more than possible mentioning to the spread and their timing capacity with the online sports betting market.

Moneyline Versus Point Spread Betting In Any Sports Game

There is apparently a correct and bad time to bet on favorite teams based on the spread, and the same thing can be said detailing to underdogs. While the spread controls NFL betting lecture and can vary greatly relying on when you bet, there are other betting options to consider like taking the money line on a team instead.

Moneyline Versus Point Spread Betting In Any Sports Game
Moneyline Versus Point Spread Betting In Any Sports Game


Most best sportsbooks offer money lines on all games, and that’s an importance for those bettors who do not need to fear about the spread at all. Sometimes wagering the money line is the way to go when betting on team sports like soccer because all you need to be anxious with is whether or not you are aiding the winning side.

In this case, let’s say the New England Partisan are the 3-point choice against the spread for their away game against the New York Jets. If you bet the Partisans, and they cover the spread, the entry is set in the -110 range. That means you had to wager $110 to win $100, and the same will be true if you sided with the Jets (-110) as three-point underdogs.


In the matchup like this one where there is a short underdog included, mastering the money line is often a wise strategy. For the same Partisans-Jets game, oddsmakers have New England as a -180 choice on the money line and New York as a +150 home underdog.

If you love the Jets as a 3-point underdog, then why not bet them to win straight-up to the money line? If New York won outright, you will win $150 instead of $100. There is great value in the Jets at that price, placing your wager to them as home underdogs if you trust them that they will stay within three points anyway, and there is certainly a better return.

Acknowledge, very few American football games are decided by three points or lower, so if you loves New York in that spot, bet the money line.

“By wagering in small money line underdogs rather of taking duplicate bets against the spread, you need to win a smaller rate of games to equalize, because the return on expense is higher,”

“With so much consistency in the American football league, betting small underdogs opposed to the money line – as against to the spread – is absolutely worth a look on a day by day and per game basis.”

The main thing to winning when betting on popular sportsbook games is knowing that the season is last long, not a sprint. And boost value in deciding to take the money line counterpart to the spread in some position will help you to make your own bankroll and turn goods over the long run. Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets

Sports gaming is the most popular pass time in the world. Sports games are being played from ancient times. There are a lot of different sports games in the world which with time are getting evolved according to the modern era. However, the main idea of the sports remains the same and gives, even more, fun to the sports lovers. From the past few years, people also started live betting on sports games. People not only watch their favorite games but also bet on those games. Huge profit could be earned through betting on your favorite games. You must choose an appropriate betting site to get the reliable services on sports betting. Malaysia online sports betting site, live in play bets is one of the best online sports betting sites. Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets

Introduction: QQ101 is the most trusted and reliable online betting site. It is providing its services in the online gambling world from quite a few years. It is the most reliable online sports betting site of Malaysia. It has a lot of features which will prove you are reliability and quality services. The variety of sports games, live stream, easy access, mobile app, promotional offers, and weekly rebates are the most required things in any suitable online betting site.


A number of different sports games are available at the online betting site. We being the best understand the needs of our gamblers and therefore, realize that all the people do not possess similar choices. The variety of games will let everyone choose the game they like and want to play. Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets

Cricket, football, basketball, baseball, hockey, ice hockey, tennis, badminton, car racing, horse racing are few of the games available at qq101. You can easily find the game list on the homepage and then after scrolling through, conveniently select the sports game you like the most.


All the sports lovers make sure that they watch all the live events of their favorite sports games. With our online betting sports site, you can watch all the sports events for free and from anywhere you like. You just need to be our member to watch the live sports games and avail the opportunity.


You can access to our website from anywhere you want and wherever you like. The online betting site is extremely user-friendly and everyone including the novice gamblers can also use it easily without any problems.


The mobile app of qq101 is available at the app store for ios users and the play store for the android users. It is absolutely free and compatible with every sort of devices. You can download it on your phones and tablets and enjoy our betting site on your favorite sports games whenever you like.


A lot of promotional offers are offered at qq101 for all the gamblers associated with us. the promotional offers are designed to make the profit of all the players multiplied. We make sure all of our players are happy and satisfied with our services and offers.


Your total weekly deposit is kept in a record and then 1% of that amount is given to you as your commission. The rebates are valid for everyone regardless of whether you are winning the bets or losing them. It also helps you to maintain your total monthly gambling budget. is highly recommended by all the Asian gamblers and it has all that you have ever wanted from an online betting site. It has the highest winning odds every hour and you will have an amazing experience with this Malaysia betting site. The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site In Malaysia The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site In Malaysia

You must be a sports and betting lover both to reach to this article. Sports is a very popular pass time for many years. The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site In Malaysia different people have different choices of sports games and they get involved with the game shows to have a quality time. From the past few years, people also started to bet online on sports games in order to make some handful amount of money through their passion for sports. The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site In Malaysia

A number of sports betting sites are there serving for that purpose but not all of them are trustworthy and reliable. The biggest online sports betting site in Malaysia is one of the most trusted online betting sites.

Introduction: Malaysia has a lot of casinos and betting sites. Qq288, however, is the most reliable online betting site when it comes to sports betting. The betting site is serving the online gambling market since the start and with every passing year, it keeps improving to give a better experience to its customers.


There are a lot of sports games available at our online sports betting site. We not just claim to be the best but also make every possible effort to prove that. Since not everyone holds the same taste in the sports game, therefore, we offer a variety of games in order to let the customers conveniently choose the sports game they like the most. The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site In Malaysia The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site In Malaysia

The games include cricket, football, basketball, hockey, ice hockey, car racing, horse racing, boxing, cycling, tennis, badminton and much more. You can scroll through the list and choose whichever game you want to bet on.


Now, you do not have to miss any of your favorite sports events. The free live stream option at qq288 will let you watch all your favorite games live. You do not have to deposit any money for availing this feature. All our members could enjoy the free video live streams for free.


You can easily ask the best online dealers all your confusions and problems through our live chat option. The dealers try their best to help you in every possible way and to give you a wider piece of information about the games and betting online strategies linked with them.


Waiting is an annoying process and especially when the waiting is for your winning money. At our betting site, you will not have to wait for getting your profit cashed out for longer periods of time as we believe in quick payouts.


The total weekly deposit is kept in a record and then 1% of that amount is given to you by the end of the week. This weekly rebate system is very beneficial in order to maintain your monthly gambling budget and to always have some extra money at stake. We care for our customers and therefore, make sure that they never have to miss out any of their chance of gambling.


Qq288 has its own mobile app which is available at the app store for ios users and the play store for the android users. You can download the app on any of your devices since it is compatible with every sort of electronic device which has an active internet connection. The mobile app is absolutely free and designed to enhance your mobile betting experience.

Qq288 is highly recommended by all of the Asian gamblers which are now a professional at gambling. The high-quality services and excellent offers make us different from the other online sports betting website. Join us now to enjoy the world of online betting.