Tips That Can Help You Win in Online DOTA Betting

Tips That Can Help You Win in Online DOTA Betting

DOTA 2 game is no longer a novelty in the world of E-Sport. This game is very popular among gamers. Even for international competition, participants will win prizes up to millions of dollars. In addition to its exciting games, DOTA 2 bets also offer great benefits for bettors. Therefore, here are the following tips that can help you win in online DOTA betting in QQ188.

Tips That Can Help You Win in Online DOTA Betting

Tips That Can Help You Win in Online DOTA Betting
Tips That Can Help You Win in Online DOTA Betting

Understand How to Play DOTA 2

The first tip to be applied by bettors is to understand how to play DOTA 2 and the rules that are applied in it. Furthermore, bettors must know the characters that are contained in DOTA 2 with their own skills so you can analyze how the game will run after the DOTA players select the character to be played.

Observe the Previous Games

In order not to make the same mistake, it would be nice if you can understand the strength of each team that play the game. Following the entire match process and seeing the winning team as a winner is a wise decision. Therefore, when you faced with some obstacles, it will be easy for you to make choices because you already know the potential of each team.

Set the Bet on Team that Often Win the Games

DOTA 2 game is in great demand by gamers from all over the world. Not surprisingly, teams that compete in international competitions also come from all over the world, for example Evil Geniuses, Invictus Gaming, Newbee, OG, Virtus Pro, and many more.

To keep your odds of winning bigger, get to know more about the ability of the teams that will compete. In addition, analyze the graphics of their games and trends before you bet on those teams. Select the team that has many winning records or good records against the opposing team to earn big profits in QQ188.

Use the Right Strategy in DOTA 2 Betting

There are several specific strategies that can be used in online DOTA 2 betting. These strategies include:

  • Safe Bet

Safe bet is a strategy that bettors can bet on two betting websites but in different teams. Therefore, you can take advantage of percentage differences.

  • Tie Bet

Tie Bet is a strategy that bettors can bet in BO 2 match. So, even though your team lost in the first game but win in the second battle, your Rare/Key we will be safe.

  • Force Bet

Force Bet is a strategy that bettors have an odd to change your little rare to be abundant. You can make it by playing ‘All in’ at the BO 1 match in a team that has small percentage to win.

  • Desperate Bet

In Desperate Bet, bettors bet with the state of the rare are almost finished or nearly to bankruptcy.

  • Lucky Bet

Lucky Bet is not really a strategy. This option is used when bettors do not know at all with the quality of the games the two teams are playing. Bettors will select teams that will be randomly bet or teams with a smaller percentage.

Here are some tips that can help you win in online DOTA betting. All of the ways you can apply when will place a bet on the game DOTA 2 online in QQ188, the most safe and reliable online betting agency in Asia. Big profits will be waiting for the champion.

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