Top Five Baccarat Techniques

Baccarat is an easy yet tricky game just like online casino roulette. It is simple but also complicated at the same time. You should make decision as fast and as many as possible in order to get a big hit. Well, there is no technique like card counting or mathematics formula in playing baccarat. However, you can use top five baccarat techniques below to increase your chance in winning.

Top Five Baccarat Techniques

Top Five Baccarat Techniques
Top Five Baccarat Techniques
  • Stay with Banker

First of all, the easy way to win in baccarat, is staying with banker. Banker will win many times, more than player, especially if the banker is the casino represented by the dealer. The casino wants to make sure that it will get the biggest benefit in this game. That’s why you should pay 5% commission for every bet on banker that win.

It will be a perfect reason to leave banker side, but let’s consider the several winnings in a row will be a worth enough to try. The commission and house edge will be just a little thing compared to the big hit that you will get. Less risk and more winning, what are you waiting for?

  • Move to Player

Play with banker until it loses. When it loses, it is the time for you to move to player side. However, do not directly bet on player after the bank loses. Just wait for one turn to ensure yourself. If the result is player, then you can bet on player for the next game for sure. Bet until the player loses and then directly bet on banker again.

The most considered thing about placing a bet on player is there is no commission should be paid. You just need to give the house edge that is just more or less the same with banker’s house edge. So bet on player and win from it will be so beneficial.

  • No Tie Bet

If you already stick with banker or player, or even both, it will be perfect if you avoid the tie bet. The money seems big, but it will be taken 12% for the house edge, so the payout will be not that big. The risk is also big enough since the probability to have the same value card in banker’s and player’s hands is small. So it will not be a good thing for you.

  • Take Care of Your Bank Roll

What you should pay attention to is your bank roll. You do not want to have bankruptcy, right? So you should be careful with your own bank roll. Betting by placing a lot of money will make you get a big comeback. However, if you lose, you will loss them all and it will be difficult to gain it. Be wise with your money and remember that a little amount of money will be big.

  • Stay Calm

The other technique that you should acquire is staying calm. By staying calm, you can think clearly about next bet and amount of money that you want to use. If you are in hurry or a way too excited, it is better to step aside and make yourself calm first, then you can go back to place a better bet.

Those top five baccarat techniques are really important and useful for you, especially the beginners. You can get a big amount of money if you play using those techniques. Good luck!

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