Two Popular Types of Baccarat Played Today

Two Popular Types of Baccarat Played Today

Baccarat is definitely the game that is not just easy to play but also famous across the globe. There are many two different types of baccarat, each has slight difference in drawing rules. Understanding the difference is crucial because not all online casinos offer the same type. By ensuring you have a knowledge about the two types popular types of baccarat played today, you won’t be caught on the rules you’re not aware of.

Two Popular Types of Baccarat Played Today

To start off with, here’s the most common types of baccarat played today at online casinos:

  • 7 Up Baccarat
  • Baccarat Super 98
Two Popular Types of Baccarat Played Today
Two Popular Types of Baccarat Played Today

7 Up Baccarat

This type of baccarat was first introduced at the Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore. The main change of this variant from the original is the player always receives a Seven in beginning of the round. The banker’s hand receives two cards as usual.

There are three possible outcomes. First the Player hand may win paying even money, except if it wins with a count of seven, with payout of 1 to 2. The Banker hand may also win paying event money, except winning on seven, which pays 9 to 5. When it comes to Tie results, it will become a push and all bets are returned, declaring no winner.

There are two side bets offered at 7 Up Baccarat. First is the typical “Ties” side wager that pays 7 to 1, whenever both hands push with same total, besides from seven-point Tie that pays 9 to 1. Next is called the “Super Sevens”. The payout depends on many sevens are dealt to both hands, including the seven of the Player hand. Payouts are: 2:1 for two sevens, 5:1 for three, 17:1 for four, 70:1 for five and 700:1 for six.

Baccarat Super 98

Also known as “Power Baccarat 98”. Another variant which was first introduced at casinos in Singapore. This is the only variant which uses a dice that can generate random bonuses for certain wins that is called the “Power Hands”.

Just like the usual, players place their bets on either Banker or Player hands. Additionally, the point count for the cards are the same as the common version of baccarat. “Pair” and “Tie” are also offered as side bets. Furthermore, those side bets can be made on Natural 8 or 9 for either hands.

After all wagers has been made, the dealer then shakes the dice shaker revealing the value. If the value is 3, the hands will be declared as a “Power Hand”. Once this feature has been determined, all the players at the table will benefit from the improved odds.

Player hand wins increased to 21:20, Banker wins go up to 19:20, Ties increase to 10:1, Pair to 15:1. Lastly, side bets on the “Naturals” go up to 9:1. Note that if the value of the die is anything other than 3, the game plays the same as the standard Baccarat.


Those are the two popular types of baccarat played today. If you want to try them out, just visit the online casinos in Malaysia. You can also check out some of the top five baccarat techniques that may help you improve your odds of winning.

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